Crazy Complicated Me

I can’t stand the same thing for more than a year. When I’m bored or depressed, I usually have an urge to create something new or to “move” to “some other place”.

That’s the best arguments I can give to answer the question “Can you find the pattern of this cycle? Maybe one blog each time you sneeze?”, ha ha ha ha ha…

For now I still don’t know which part of my brain I’m gonna use to generate postings
here and here :))

Let’s wait and see… If I still have part of my brain left… 😀


How to make FB useful for (my) life

  1. Only friend the favorite people and those who are potential to bring good influences
  2. Never put real name or face for headshot. Use something that will only be recognizable by fav friends
  3. Replicate postings from other blogs so when other blog services are down, you’ll still have back-ups, plus you might get comments also from fb-oriented friends
  4. Less friends = more peaceful life. Believe me, when something really big is happening out there, one of your (less than 20) friends will post a link about it
  5. Ignore quizzes, games, and applications, and causes, and don’t bother to be a fan of something or someone.
  6. Accessing fb through pc/notebook whenever schedule permits is better practice than subscribe to those services providing 24hours fb.

May I live in peaceful without disconnected from my fb-minded friends 🙂

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New routines, new emphasizes in life

Well, things have been changed lately. Hoping these are for good:

  1. Switch bedtime from 9 pm to 12 am with the help of a cup or two cups of coffee, so hopefully these several more hours will contribute to the progress of phd research and self intellectual level.
  2. Get up earlier and go jogging earlier so there will be spare time to cook breakfast and snacks for kids. Make the kids finish the breakfast at home and not bring the food to the car.
  3. Encourage kids to plan as many things as possible, and write it down in a book we call “Our Plan Book”, so things will be more predictable. Suggest them to write what they’d like to have for breakfast the next morning, and what activities they plan for the weekend. So far it works fine.
  4. Always thinking about how to reduce plastic usage in daily life. Thinking how to separate waste effectively. How to reuse those plastic bottles, etc. Keep in mind that next time buying some food, ask them to use “rantang” or “tupperware” instead of styrofoam and plastic.
  5. Thinking seriously how to educate this country’s next generations. Explained further here and here.
  6. Embed microblogging to blog, considering that maybe later will be amused to watch that microprogresses of state of thinking and degree of tasks importance have been done :))
  7. Checking fb for updates of my non-janice friends. Under the encouragement of online buddy and this expert we need for executing #5. And going to observe if this time fb will work and bring out something good :))

There. Life needs to be arranged and designed to achieve certain goals, thus the emphasize should be correct. Stop wasting time and do something useful for the mankind while still alive.

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Dad vs Mom = Superhero vs Villain?

In sharing the role of rising the kids, as far as I have observed, mom often be put in an unpleasant situation as opposed to dad.
Here are the examples of such situations:

  1. Mom’s presence is a must (and very often not appreciated). Dad’s presence is an unexpected joyful surprise that fully appreciated.
  2. When mommy say no, kids complain that the mom is a bad person. When daddy say no, kids complain that the mom is a bad person.
  3. When mom cannot/refuse to do what dad usually do (like climbing trees, or put both kids with both arms to/from the bathroom), kids say mom is a loser. But when daddy doesn’t do what mom usually do, kids say, hey it’s cool, dad’s doing it different way!
  4. We prefer dad to mom, because dad is less strict and more fun.

I remembered that I have been through difficult times dealing with mom until I was 18. Before I understand that she should make me learn, by most of the times being hard on me. Or I would never be the person as I am today.
Dad was more fun. We violating (mom’s) rules together. Teach me how to do things differently. Being quiet and understanding when I’m in a big trouble, while mom keep telling me how irresponsible I am and blablalalalalala…

Now after being a mom I can understand and appreciate mom in a much better way. The hardest part of being a mom is disciplining the kids. Being strict and tough whenever needed, even when kids consider the mom as a villain. Oh well! Beware mothers-to-be, it ain’t easy being a mom 🙂

Personality Contrast

I’ve been observing about personalities… and the contrasts of…

  1. Modern vs Conventional. Is being modern better than being conventional?
  2. Loose vs Punctual. Latest observations show that being alternately loose or punctual is the best I can do 😀
  3. Reactive vs Deliberative. I’ve always been reactive. Deliberative people think too much!
  4. Conserving vs Abusing. A friend said that it’s silly to treat your stuff nicely. You should abuse them and push them to the limit because a product is time-bounded. When it’s broken, buy a new one. It’s better to have a fully utilized broken things than a useless glossy polished ones, he said.
  5. Positive thinking vs Sceptical thinking. I think being scepticism makes me a bitter person… So I’m stick with being positive thinker.
  6. Creative vs Strict. Creative is more fun. Strict people are predictable, too discipline and boring. But without them the world will be ruined faster 😀
  7. Optimizing memory vs freeing memory. While I’m thinking that every human being should optimize their unlimited cell of brains, a friend said that we should not keep too much information so we can still keep thinking wildly as toddlers! Forget things and reinvent everything when needed (notes: one should have a multiple speed of thinking to adopt the latter)

*My personality are described by the former words for each points.

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Managing distractions

I’m a distracted person. Easily bored, easily distracted. And I’ve been doing some treatment to cure me from such disease. It’s started by “distancing” (i’m using the jargon from here 🙂 ) myself from the crowd of the internet and also from the computer lately, because:

  1. I’m more comfortable with papers and pencils or whiteboards and markers now. I found keyboard and screens and pixels are very “limiting”.
  2. After reading this article about Donald E. Knuth quitting email (let’s drop the hyphen) and a farewell to Facebook, I became even more asocial in terms of limiting myself to access social networking applications. Here are my own arguments about social networking applications: (1) It brings to much information in front of my face, and makes me difficult to set priorities. The technology push me to respond impulsively and doesn’t give me time to think or move back a little bit to analyze things (2) time consuming (3) It snatches my presence from my real life. Draw me from real books, real people and real world around me (4) It’s overwhelming and gives me the pace and portion I cannot handle (4) distracting me from what supposed to be done. It offers too many unpredictable things that seems “urgent, has to be done now!” (5) people have capacity to digest things around them. Being buzzed all the time via push-email or being informed everytime about a friend changing status, is not healthy for me.

And after I have managed to “isolate” myself from those big distractions, I learn to be more focus in doing things. To be a depth-person and not only a breadth-person 😉
I’ve reduced the numbers of parallel tasks doing at the same time. I usually have 9 spaces in my Macbook with 9 or more applications running, and several tabs opened for each of them. Now I only have 6 spaces, and write down my ideas on my “thinking book” rather of let them being scattered on my desktop.

But after all I still love Multiply and still keep reading and commenting my fav contacts. At my own pace and my free time, it’s a must distraction 😉

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